2.014 (Monthly Challenge)

So often, I find myself wanting to complete a number of goals at once.  This year, I decided to do things differently... Below, I laid out a calendar for the year and picked one goal for each month.  This has really helped me to focus and get some things done without worrying about other projects!

The great part about this exercise is that your goals are entirely up to you!  You determine how much you want to do.  If in August, you want to take a vacation, do it!  If you want to run a 5k, make July (or whenever) your training month!  If you want a new job before next year, make September and October focus months - there are no rules about repeating or spreading goals across months.

Regardless what month it is, I encourage you to make your own calendar!  A number of friends and colleagues have made calendars this year - the feedback is so great!  I also encourage you to re-evaluate each quarter or every 3 months... How are things going?  What needs a higher priority?  

What do you want to focus on next?

You might be wondering what "2.014" is... the year is 2014 + "You 2.0" = 2.014