Originally written and posted by Lauren Myrick on 19 March 2014.

It's been almost ten years since the founding of The Huffington Post... One of the world's largest and most popular online news sites. They have more sections of news than Crayola has colors!

Arianna Huffington is the major founder behind The Huffington Post. She's been a women's champion for years and recently released a new book, Thrive, which describes her personal awakening journey and challenges readers to rethink their definition of success, along with other insights.

Arianna's lessons and message are not limited to women, everyone can benefit from her message. She stresses small changes "baby steps" to make a difference. What I liked most is that she challenges readers to test her theories, not just blindly accept them.


Book: Thrive

A recent appearance on Ellen, Arianna & Ellen discuss the contents of the book:
Part 1
Part 2 - suggestions, ideas, tips

You might have heard her TED talk, where she urges us to "sleep our way to the top."