33 Ways to Meditate

Myth: Meditation is sitting silently with your legs crossed, your hands face up on your knees, eyes closed, atop a mountain.

Truth: There are so many kinds of meditation!

I’ve had this conversation at least half a dozen times in the past 30 days I feel compelled to share in the hopes of debunking this myth. The picture above and list below shows just a few examples (33 in total) of different kinds of meditation. The most basic definition of meditation is to be mindful and present on whatever you are focusing on. Most people start with focusing on their breath. If you meditate often, you may be able to clear your mind and focusing on simply “being” where you exist in this suspended state of consciousness, I like to think of it as a state between awake and sleeping.

Sometimes random thoughts will come into your head - that’s OK too! A trick for that: I often find it helpful to brain dump for a few minutes before I meditate to clear anything that may come up or distract me. Sometimes that doesn’t work either and I try a different kind!

There are so many benefits of meditating, (you can Google it) but a few I’ve found particularly helpful: energy (not in a chaotic way), a sense of calm, clarity, enhanced focus, love.

A few ways I like to incorporate meditation into my life:

  • When I’m working on an intense project or trying not to get distracted, I often listen to the same song on repeat

  • Running without headphones (I used to do this more often, it really lets you tap into your breathing)

  • Body scan meditation through the @calm app almost every night

  • Listen to a Dr. Joe Dispenza mediation ♥️🤯

  • Journaling

Something I want to do more of this year: Chanting. That shit is POWERFUL! Especially in person vs listening to a recording. You can literally feel the vibrations & energy.

A dope friend I have that makes ridiculously pleasing SoundBaths : @iammaestroriko 🤯

Your turn! What’s your favorite way to meditate? What hasn’t worked? Will you try it? Lmk in the comments! If you’re new to meditating, try a guided meditation or body scan!

P.s. there is no way to be “bad” at meditating, it’s only bad if you don’t make time for it 😜

Different Kinds of Meditation:

  • mindfulness

  • focusing on your breath

  • body scans

  • running

  • working out

  • listening to music

  • reflection

  • visualization

  • savoring a cup of coffee

  • journaling

  • guided meditation

  • repeating a manta

  • zen

  • transcendental

  • walking

  • sound meditation

  • staring at a flame

  • chanting

  • Qigong

  • experiential

  • warm oil drop

  • surfing

  • vipassana

  • loving kindness meditation

  • Kundalini yoga

  • float tanks

  • chakra meditation

  • Tonglen

  • Tai chi

  • coloring

  • hiking

  • dancing

  • drawing