8 To Be Great (Finding Balance to Succeed)

Originally written and posted by Lauren Myrick on Friday, February 14, 2014.

If you've caught any of the Olympic coverage in the past week, you've no doubt seen at least one impressive segment -- even if it was the breathtaking Russian landscape!

One of the great things about the Games in this era is that we often get behind-the-scenes look at the athletes, their training, and their support systems.  We can begin to grasp how hard they've trained, sacrifices they've made, and set-backs they've endured.  Through it all, they have persisted, and their determination has brought them to their dream stage - the Olympic Games!

Though your dream may not be competing in the Olympic Games, you can still be great, whatever your aspiration!

To aid you in your pursuit, I introduce you to Richard St. John!  Richard has conducted extensive research to discover and share eight keys to success.  You will find them below, along with his three minute TedTalk. 

That's right, the KEYS TO SUCCESS in 3 MINUTES!  Valuable and efficient!

Richard St. John's TedTalk:
Richard St. John's website:

Not quite sure what you want to succeed at yet?  This article may provide you some perspective & jump start ideas:
Coaching is also a great way to explore and find your passion!