What might you do, achieve, or become?

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Not sure where to start? Review a list of my services below and find out if I can help you!

Consulting & Strategic Development


"I've been in business for a while, but I'm stagnant or ready to make a shift." 


Let me help you take your business to the next level by designing a structure & plan to help you achieve your goals. I will use techniques from life coaching, Six Sigma, and brainstorming principles.

Life Coaching


“I have been feeling lost or unfulfilled in life.”


Life coaching can help you to get “unstuck” or move forward In your journey:  Creating the reality you want.  This video does a great job explain how life coaching is different from therapy or consulting - both great and useful tools in their own right!



“I have this idea but I’m not sure how to move forward with it… how do I start?”


Let's get those great ideas out of your head and turn them into reality! We will create, generate, or expand ideas together.  Often involves a white board or post-it notes.



“I’d like to my team to learn about effective communication and team building."


Facilitating can be guiding a group through an event or workshop with a goal in mind:  brainstorming, learning a new skill, team building, or design of something new.